How to Decorate Your Car for Christmas

car decorated for christmas

You spread oodles of cheer every year on Christmas by decorating your home and workplace; now how about taking the same cheer to the streets in this season of splendid festivities. Go ahead and decorate your car with all the bling you like – you will have as much fun putting up the funny christmas car decorations as you will while driving around your fancy wagon around town!

Here are some automobile decoration ideas to get you started.

1. Light Up Your Vehicle

Stringing LED lights on homes and stores is common; now try doing the same to your car to make the streets come alive during the Christmas holidays. Use brightly colored LED or magnetic Christmas lights for car to illuminate your precious vehicle. However, you need to take care that your car’s electric system works on 12V DC. Though such Christmas lights for car are easily available they are quite expensive. A way out to avoid add on expenses is to purchase a 12V DC invertor. This will allow you to use your standard household Christmas tree light. It is advisable to buy an invertor that offers 400 watts capacity. This may cost you around 50 dollars. In case you have more ambitious decoration plans go for an invertor with 1500 watts rating. Be wary of safety though. In some states, it is not permitted to use certain kinds of lights for automobile safety. So do check your state’s traffic regulations before buying LED Christmas lights for car.

2. Stick Some Christmasy Decals

Spread your messages around with decals on your car. Choose good quality ones that come off easily without leaving any permanent marks. You can put bright stickers outside your car or inside it on a window or rear glass. Just ensure that it does not hamper visibility.

3. Stuff the Rear Seat with Christmas Goodies

In case you do not need to seat anyone in the rear seat, load some holiday gifts and decorative items in it to complement the decoration. Soft toys, colorful balls, plastic Christmas trees, Santa and reindeer car decorations for Christmas are an interesting way to perfect holiday vibe to your car. Go over the board, and fill your car with as much color as you like; nobody’s going to convict you for gaudiness at Christmas time!

4. Decorate the Dashboard

Place decorative objects on your dashboard in a way that they do not obstruct your view. A small soft toy, sledge, Santa figure or Christmas tree will again be excellent dashboard riders for the week. You can also use a showpiece with some Christmas lights on a car.

5. Place a Huge Santa Cap on Top of the Car

This is a classic Christmas car decoration idea. A Santa cap meant especially for car tops should not be hard to find. Buy one to fit your car’s size and secure it well so it does not come off while driving. It sure would be an eye-catchy way to herald Christmas tidings!

6. Wrap Your Car Like a Present

This is, if you are not going to drive around during the holiday week. Park the beautifully decorated vehicle in a conspicuous spot and drape it with red ribbons or any other thing you can think of, and give folks another cheerful object to stare at on Christmas!

Lights, decorations, music and merrymaking – how we all wish that the one week of Christmas never ends. However, no good thing remains forever, and so doesn’t the week of Christmas. So make the most of it by lighting up every hidden corner of your small world, including your beloved car!

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