8 Car Care Tips To Make Your Car Last Longer

Car is getting repaired

A car is one of the dearest possessions for most people and it breaks their heart, to see their car degrading and ageing away. Of course, old cars have their own vintage charm, but not every car ages gracefully to qualify for vintage.

Here are few simple, easy tips that would help you make your car last longer and serve you better-

1. Carry your papers:  You insure your life, your health, your appliances, why not your car. Your car insurance could cover those unforeseen expenses you incur when your car gets hit and you meet with an accident. Make sure you carrying a copy of the insurance papers in your glove compartment – safe and easily accessible. Also carry a copy of your vehicle registration papers to prove that the car is your and entirely yours. Also carry a copy of the safety and emission inspection certifications.

2. Don’t wait for a breakdown: There are two types of maintenance for your car. One is breakdown maintenance that you do when your car breaks down and strands you in the middle of nowhere just when you were running to that important meeting or driving down with your date. The other type is preventive maintenance, which is something you do to prevent the aforesaid mentioned scenario from taking place. Whoever said prevention is better than cure was a wise soul. Get your car serviced at regular intervals from authorized service centres. Carry a copy of those maintenance receipts so even if by chance things go haywire, the service person gets a perfect idea of when last the oil was replaced, the radiator flushed and the tyres were rotated.

3. Maintain the pressure: Did you know that not maintaining adequate pressure in your car tires adds to the extra load on your car as a whole and your engine in particular. Just remember the days when you used to ride a bicycle and the extra effort you had to put in when the bicycle tyres didn’t have enough pressure. It is the same with the car too. Check air pressure in the tyres at regular intervals.

4. Get rid off extra stuff: are you carrying around useless stuff in your car? Old boxes, useless broken stuff that could technically qualify as trash? Get rid of it immediately. For every extra 10kg load, your car loses out on fuel efficiency by 1%, while also adding to the load on the engine and the tyres. Drive light.

5. Remember the spare: Cars come with a spare tyre so you are not stuck when you have a flat one. But it would be no real help if you didn’t look after the spare tyre. A neglected spare tyre with little air pressure may not be functionally useful. Keep an eye on the parts that are ‘spare’, they are meant to be life saviours.

6. Keep up the vital stats: Get the tyres rotated, radiators flushed oil and other fluids changed at regular intervals. Don’t depend on service stations for everything; learn a few tricks on your own. The least you could learn is inspecting the vital stats of your car. Check the levels of the coolant/anti-freeze, the transmission fluid, the oil, the brake fluid and the windshield wiper fluid. These are the blood-like vital fluids of your car, and it is absolutely essential that their levels are maintained.

7. Keep an emergency car kit: Maintain an emergency kit that will be your survival supplies. Include lots of water, first aid kit, flashlight, jackets, raincoat, a foot tarp, strong thin rope, some cash, and any other items you feel you might need depending on the terrain and the climate you live.

8. Keep it clean: Wash your car frequently. Do it yourself, not at the nearest car wash. Washing your car yourself is a healthy thing to do, and it also gives you a chance to come across any anomalies – scratches, bruises, bumps, leakages, etc. that your car may have suffered. Also, keep the car clean internally. Keep all the mud and water and grime away from the gas pedal and the clutch.

They say if you take care of your car, it takes care of you. So look out for it and make it last long.

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