Thing to Check While Making Your Car Ready for Summer

Summer Cars

Summer is hot and humid and brings many changes in us and in our vehicle. Thus we need to be extra careful with our cars before the summer begins. The filth, heat and the traffic that summer brings with it, leaves many effects on our car. The results are even more devastating when the effects are added to the winter change. You can surely lessen this through the regular maintenance of your car. To get ready your car for summers, you need to check on the below given things and make them functioning.

Air conditioning and cooling system

The main reason your car breaks down in the summer is due to the engine overheating and coolant problems and it’s because of the poor air flow near the radiator. Thus you need to clean out any debris; leaves etc accrue in the radiator and the condenser. It’s a must to check the cap of your radiator before the summer season. The cap cannot afford to wear and tear or get cracked. Thus it’s important to replace the old radiator cap with the new ones and avoid any kind of trouble with the cooling system.


Tires are one of the most important elements in your car and it can have a vast impact on safety and performance, if they are ignored. Thus if you find any wear and tear in your tires, you need to strictly consider them or else it may be devastating. Before the summer begins you need to inspect your tires and changed them if needed. You need to look out for bubbles in the tires, any visible wear and tear and replace them immediately. You can directly park your car in the tire garage and inspect them by a tire professional.


As a part of regular maintenance, you need to check the color and the level of the oil from the dipstick. If it’s has turned black, you need to change it immediately. Oil and oil filter change can be done as specified in the car manual.


A brake is equal to safety in your car. Thus you should never compromise yourself and your family by riding your car with faulty brakes. There are few signs that may help you when and how to replace your brakes. When your brake pedal becomes hard resistant or softy you need to replace your brakes. If you get any indications on the dashboards and your pedal rest too high or low, you need to change them. You need to immediately replace your brakes when you find any wear or tear in the brake pad or brake shoe. Loud and constant scraping and grinding sounds coming from the brakes.


You can easily find dead batteries during winter time but the same happens in summers too. Due to the excess heat in the summers, the battery gets overcharged and thus it can even get damage. Thus a regular check up of the battery is needed, especially before the summer starts. You can clean your batteries often for a long life and if you find any problem, immediately show them to the service station and get it inspected.

These are the things you need to check out before your summers, apart from the car hoses and belts, windshield wipers, fog lights and fluids.

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