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Handy Tips on How to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Your Car

Posted On: January 06, 2016

Automobile usage has increased in recent years and the reason behind this is the fast paced economy of the world. Individuals are acquiring the latest model of various brands and models of cars that have excellent features and elegant style. But, after getting their car they hardly care about the car’s maintenance.

Fuel efficiency increasing tips

Regular maintenance of a car will not only keep the machine running well, but it will also help the owner in saving fuel. The way you maintain your vehicle has a big effect on how much fuel is used. Below are few tips that will reduce the car’s impact both on your wallet and on our environment.

Keep car tires filled 

Keeping your car tires filled will help in cutting down on fuel. Even brand new tires slowly lose pressure, even if they are not leaking. Due to regular use of the car, the air is expelled. Thus make sure you fill your tires properly and check them regularly. Keep a habit to check the car tires once a month and fill them even if they are less than a pound or two short. The car mileage can be decreased as low as 15% if the tires are low. Thus fill them properly on time to cut down on the fuel usage.

Never Overfill 

Many people have a habit of overfilling their car. The extra gas might leak out of the tank if it’s overfilled. Thus develop a habit of filling your car with a certain amount of gas weekly. Stick to that ratio and only fill the gas whenever it is needed. Make sure to tighten the gas cap before driving. The Car Care Council has reported 147 million gallons of gasoline evaporation each year from people not following these simple tips.

Park the car in the shade 

If you park your car outside, park in the shade. Letting your car bake all the day will not only make the car feel like an oven, but it will also evaporate the gasoline from the tank. Parking your car in the shade will help you in saving your fuel and you can also save on running your AC. Even if you have parked in a shady area, use a windshield protector to reduce the heat. Try to find a good place to park your car that will protect your car from the scorching sun, all day long.

Tune up your car engine 

Keep the engine of your car in a good working condition by regularly servicing it. Tuning up your car engine enhances the efficiency of your car as much as 30%. Get the filters changed and keep the car in a good working order.

Use the right oil for the car 

Using a manufacturer’s recommended grade of oil will increase your gas mileage by 1-2%. Look for the phrase, “Energy Conserving” on the oil to increase the mileage. Such oils contain friction reducing additives and thus it helps in improving the efficiency.

Be weight Conscious 

You need to be weight conscious, so don’t carry unnecessary items if they are not needed. For every 100 pounds of weight in the car the fuel economy decreases by 1-2%. Thus avoid keeping heavy items in your car and you will improve the efficiency of your car.

Little things matter 

There is nothing better than getting your car regularly serviced and checked. Apart from the above points you need to check the wheel alignments, replace the worn filters and spark plugs and shock and strut inspections will help you to optimize your fuel economy.

Your car can be doing both, adding carbon to the environment and adding expenses to your pocket.  You can cut this down by following these simple maintenance and car care tips.

This article was originally published on CarCluster Blog.

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