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8 DIY Car Maintenance Work

Posted On: January 06, 2016

Do you think your life will be simple and hassle free after owning your favourite car? Yes of course. Not only will you have the liberty to drive around anywhere anytime, but your dream of long drives will now be finally fulfilled. But what about a sudden breakdown of your car in the midst of your pleasure ride. Hey we don’t want to deter you from buying or taking the car out! We only want to inspire you to learn some DIY Car Maintenance tips that will help you in your long relation with your car.

Grey car

Do not just sit back and relax after you have bought your favourite SUV. Have you thought of how to maintain your most precious possession? Think of those long bills at the service centre for changing those wipers or even changing head lights. You would be surprised to know that most of the common things can be easily changed or repaired by your at home. And what’s more? The cleaning solutions that you buy from the market can be made with home-made kitchen ingredients! Surprised? Read here to learn some DIY tips for car maintenance!

Headlight lenses

You simply can’t afford to have headlights hazy! Instead of changing the whole headlight reflector assembly, it is better to use finishing liquid and abrasive cloth found in a restoration kit. Some kits call for elbow grease, and others require use of an electric drill.

Windshield wipers

Thinking of extending the life term of wiper blades? You can do so by keeping the wiper blades clean. Use a moistened paper towel with a glass cleaner or water and a small amount of dish soap to clean it. The tip to keep the wiper clean is to follow the practice of keeping it clean every time you fill the gas. Avoid scratch on windshield by not using it to remove ice. Lift the blades gently to remove the old blades which can be done by simply pushing the tab. Most car models have a tab on the underside of the wiper. After the cleaning process, you can attach the new blades but just remember not to bend the wiper arms or scratch your windshield. Ensure the new blades are secure and tight. New blades also come with instructions, so if you have any issues you can always refer to the instruction manual.

Battery maintenance

Having a good battery connection is the key to smooth running of your car. Well the white residue on the posts can leave you frustrated and prevent your car from starting. The first step is to remove the battery terminals which is indeed a child’s play for any driver. Just use a screwdriver, if they are stuck stubbornly. Now is the turn to clean the posts which can be done by any professional product easily available in the market. Here too you can use baking soda and water to create your own solution. Use a wire brush and clean the posts with the solution. You might need to use a little bit of power to clean it. Always replace the battery terminals once they are dry. Use a rag to dry the posts. It is always advisable to keep checking under the hood to see if the battery needs cleaning.

Wash and wax your car

Nothing can keep your car healthy than a good wash. Give your car a good cleaning and preserve the paint by removing road dust and residues. Take time to hand-wash your car so that you can get a good close-up view of the whole body panel. It will help you to detect the chips and dents that you may not have otherwise noticed. Use a car soap or cleaning solution to wash your car. To maintain the shine, apply car wax at regular interval. Your car is your baby! Treat it like one!

Stain treatment

If your car has acquired stains because of pets or children it is advisable to use pet-stain removal products to remove those stubborn stains of food and beverage. Some of the rules that you need to follow are use of cold water instead of hot water and always remember to use the cleaning solution on a smaller surface before on a wider area. Spray bottles are cost effective that aerosols and also easy to use. You can use a Scotch Guard to make stain removal easier.


As cars are getting sophisticated by the day so are its mechanisms. A modern car’s electrical subsystems can go awry if a fuse blows. The first step is to follow the manual to understand where to find the fuse panel and which fuse controls what. Remember to replace a blown fuse with one of the same amp rating. For example, don’t replace a 10-amp fuse with a 20-amp fuse.


The rubber weather stripping deployed to seal doors can become loose if the clips fail or it can come off with age. First examine if the rubbers are in good shape. If so, then you just need to reattach it by pushing the clips back in its place. Get replacement clips from your dealer’s service department. Gluing it back with a weather-strip adhesive is also not a bad idea!

Change Oil and Oil filters

It is always advisable to change oil filters after every 5000 miles if not less. You can save time and money if you change the oil filters yourself by keeping some tips in mind. Always change oil filters when the engine is cool. If it is urgency, park your car and wait for it to cool down. Let the engine cool down – that is the thumb rule. Jack up your car and ensure you are handling the jack comfortably. Now it’s time to locate the oil pan under the care. Drain the oil in the oil pan and once it is done, replace the drain plug. Go back to your engine and remove the old oil filter with your oil filter wrench. You need to lubricate the rubber gasket with new motor oil. After you have filled the new oil filter, use a dip-stick to double check the oil level. Be sure that you have added enough and then you can screw the new oil filter and hand tighten it.

Do It Yourself Tips will help maintain your car so that not only do you need to rush to your service centre every time you want to change engine oil or replace the wiper. This will give you the satisfaction of being able to handle your car well and will also help to cut down on your bills as well.

DIY Car Care Checklist- Infographic

DIY car care tips


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