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About Lotus Cars

Lotus cars was originally Lotus Engineering Ltd., formed in 1952 by Colin Chapman and Colin Dare (company logo has their initials in the middle). Lotus Engineering Ltd. was split off and Team Lotus (involved in formula one racing from 1958 to 1994) was established. Subsequently Lotus Group of Companies was created in 1959. The company’s manufacturing facility is at Hethel (a World War II airfield in Norfolk). The road test facility uses sections of the old runway.

Presently, the business is divided into Lotus Engineering and Lotus Cars organized as Group Lotus plc. The company is a popular sports car manufacturer but also acts as an engineering consultancy providing expertise and advanced engineering development for other car brands. Lotus F1 team is another venture of the company which takes part in Formula One racing worldwide. Current Lotus models are Lotus Esprit, Lotus Elan, Lotus Elise, Lotus Exige S & Lotus Evora.

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