About Lexus Cars

Lexus is a brand owned by the luxury vehicle manufacturing division of the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation. The brand originated from a secret sedan project codenamed “F1” which had the objective to conceptualize and create a world class luxury car which could compete with other élite vehicle manufacturers. Initially introduced in the United States, Lexus cars now sold in many countries. Lexus is also Japan’s top rated luxury car manufacturer and leads the premium car segment. All cars are manufactured in Japan. Lexus cars are produced by combining traditional artisanship and the latest state of the art engineering technology skillfully assimilated into a perfect design. All Lexus designs target specific vehicle development standards at every stage of vehicle production. The vehicle cabins use SmartAccess technology which is a security system linked up with the car engine which limits the entry into the vehicle, electroluminescent Optitron gauges, and multimedia features. The Lexus Hybrid Drive regulates the electric power and petrol which are intelligently combined to create a power source which not only reduces carbon emissions but also increases fuel economy and delivers breathtakingly smooth performance. The brand has also developed the Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i) technology which increases the fuel combustion efficiency so less fuel is used. The original Lexus LS was launched in 1989, and later the brand added coupés, sedans, convertibles, and SUV models. The hybrid version of the RX crossover was also launched.

Lexus has an impressive lineup of luxury vehicles comprising of sedans such as IS, ES, GS, LS; convertibles like IS C; hybrids models consisting of CT hybrid, HS hybrid, RX hybrid, GS hybrid, LS hybrid; performance based versions IS F and LFA; and SUVs like RX, GX, LX.

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