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About Scion Cars

Started in 2003, Scion is a brand of Toyota and may be discontinued by the end of 2016. The brand name “Scion” which means a descendant of a family or heir, is referred to the owners and the brand’s cars. Getting soft launched in the United States at selected Toyota dealers in California in June 2003, the company expanded across the U.S. by February 2004. The company expanded into Canada in 2010. The brand was designed and targeted towards the younger customers. It primarily featured sports compact vehicles.
After the economic downturn, Scion was finding it difficult to increase sales and finally on 3rd February 2016, Toyota announced that the global car manufacturer would discontinue the brand in August 2016. It also confirmed that few selected models would be re-branded as Toyota vehicles for the model year 2017.  The Scion tC is considered a very popular car among the customers, with the average age of a customer being 29 years (lowest average age in the automobile industry). Other popular models of the brand are Scion xD and Scion FR-S.

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