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About Morgan Cars

Founded in 1910 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, the Morgan Motor Company is a family owned British automobile manufacturer. Based in Malvern, Worcestershire, the company employs just 163 people and the cars are all assembled by hands. The waiting time to get a car is approximately six months. Morgan Motor Company manufactured 640 cars in the year 2007. Even though the cars have had a traditional design, they always had a sporting performance because of their low weight.

The Morgan Motor Company, Aero Racing Limited and Morgan 3 Wheeler Ltd. (related companies) are wholly owned divisions of Morgan Technologies since 2011. Some of the latest and famous models are Morgan Aero 8, Roadster 3.7, Morgan 3 Wheeler, Aero Coupe. Morgan cars can also be found in various forms of motorsport. The Aero 8 GT was a notable Morgan racecar that campaigned in 2008 British races.

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