About Lincoln Cars

The Lincoln Motor Company popularly known as Lincoln is a division Ford Motor Company. The company sells luxury vehicles under the brand name “Lincoln”. Henry M. Leland founded the company in 1917; Lincoln has been Ford’s subsidiary since 1922. Presently, Lincoln is sold officially in North America, Middle East, China, Japan and South Korea. North America is the company’s primary market.

Currently the Lincoln model range consists of 2 sedans, 3 crossover utility vehicles, 2 sports utility vehicles as well as 2 limousine vehicles in North America. The company has a long history of providing state limousines officially for the U.S. President. The 1st Lincoln car specially built for presidential use was the 1939 Lincoln K-Series V12 convertible (also called the "Sunshine Special"), deployed for Franklin D. Roosevelt (until 1948). Popular models are MKS, MKZ (sedan), MKC, MKT, MKX (crossover utility), Navigator, Navigator L (sport utility). Lincoln’s popularity has been increasing in the US leading to continuous rise in sales year over year.

Most Popular Lincoln Cars by Country

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