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The “Jeep” brand is owned by the multinational automobile manufacturer Chrysler in a strategic alliance with Fiat. The initial Jeep models were manufactured in 1941 making the brand one of the oldest manufacturer of off-road and SUV vehicle models. The brand took birth owing to a special requirement of the armed forces during the war when a vehicle was needed which could negotiate all kinds of terrains and which was reliable as well as rugged. The first Jeep prototype was known simply as G.P. (Government Purpose or General Purpose). However the acronym was phonetically slurred to sound as “Jee P” and the abbreviation connoted with the brand name “Jeep”. The original Jeep prototype was the Bantam BRC model which was a light 4-wheel-drive version of its successors. In February 1943 the original trademark application was filed by Willys-Overland to use the word “Jeep” as a registered trademark for all its prototypes and models and the company still holds the copyright till date. The Bantam prototype design was subsequently given to Ford for mass production to meet the increasing demand of Jeeps by the United States Army. The design was modified by Ford which resulted into the “Pygmy” prototype model. Over the years the Willis Jeep design became a standard for all SUV categories of vehicles. The Jeep MB model was later developed and built in the Toledo, Ohio production plant. An amphibious version of the Jeep GPA model, popularly known as the “Seep” (Sea Jeep) was built by Ford which did not meet much success since it was neither a good off-road vehicle nor a good boat capable of carrying a heavy payload. During the Korean War, Jeep was referred to as "Just Enough Essential Parts" owing to its basic stereo-type design and functionality. The CJ or the Civilian Jeep design began production in 1945 when the standard army utility vehicle was redesigned for domestic needs and consumption. The CJ series included CJ-2A, CJ-3B, and the round fender CJ-5 models. Over the decades, Jeeps have been manufactured under license by many auto manufacturers the world over. In India the models are manufactured by Mahindra, in Spain by EBRO, and by Mitsubishi in production units located in many countries. Irrespective of its origin, the Jeep brand has become one of the most well known auto brands the world over and even today the word “Jeep” signifies a SUV type of vehicle having a capability to cross rugged terrain with unfailing reliability in any type of weather and in any part of the world.

Jeep has a large lineup of models like Ford Pygmy, Willys MB, GPW, GPA, CJ-V35/U, M715, CJ-2A, CJ-3B, CJ-4, Wrangler, Cherokee (XJ), Bantam series, Willys Quad, MLW, Jeep Wagon, Jeep Truck, VJ—Willys Jeepster, X-98, BC Bobcat, M-38 (MC), M38A1 (MD), M38A1C, M170, M38A1D, M151A1, M151A1C, M151A2, M718 Ambulance, M718A1 Ambulance, M825, Kaiser Jeep M715, FC-150, FC-160, FC-170, M676, M677, M678, M679, Agrijeep CJ-1, CJ-2, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-V35, CJ-4, CJ-4M, CJ-4MA, CJ-3B, CJ-5, Tuxedo Park Mark III, Camper, 462, Renegade I, Renegade II, Super Jeep, Golden Eagle, Golden Eagle California Edition, Golden Hawk, and the Silver Anniversary CJ-5 Limited Edition.

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