About Dodge Cars

The Dodge Brothers Company was founded in 1900 as a  car parts producer for Detroit’s growing automotive market. Dodge Brothers Company excelled in this venture and decided to expand their role in the automotive industry and they rolled their first car off of its assembly line In 1914, the Dodge Model 30, creating new standards for the industry. Dodge Brothers were purchased by Chrysler Corporation in 1928 and is now owned by the Chrysler Group LLC. Although Chrysler vehicles, the car brand has been popularly known as “Dodge” and not Chrysler. Dodge manufactures a wide range of automobiles, sports utility vehicles, pickups, and mini-vans in addition to many other models in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Dodge vehicles have been synonymous with power and reliability, and the company has consistently lived up to its reputation by manufacturing and delivering power-packed models. “Dodge” vans and trucks have become an American household brand, and is the brand of choice for all Americans in farming and other agriculture related industries.

Most Popular Dodge Cars by Country

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