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About Hummer Cars

The Hummer brand of vehicles were originally designed and manufactured by AM General Corporation in the Mishawaka, Indiana, assembly plant to fulfill the armed forces’ special transportation requirements. The vehicles were specially “made-to-order” in accordance to a contract signed with the United States armed forces. Hummer, as a brand, is basically associated with heavy types of vehicles such as SUVs and trucks. The brand was subsequently purchased by General Motors (GM). Hummer vehicles have been so designed to take on heavy pay-load and commute over almost all kinds of terrains. Hummer is not manufacturing new vehicles any more, but General Motors still holds the license and the copyright for probable manufacturing of Hummer brand of vehicles in the future.

The Hummer range includes trucks and SUVs such as H1, H2, H3 SUV, H3T, H2 SUT, H2 SUV, H3 SUV, and H3T models.

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