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Mercedes-Benz, a part of the German auto manufacturer Daimler AG has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The company is as old as 1886 when Karl Benz created the first petrol driven car the “Motorwagen” which was patented in January 1886. Over the years Mercedes-Benz has introduced numerous technology and safety related innovations and devices which have later become a common feature in motor vehicles manufactured by other automobile companies. The company has conceptualized and developed many models of multi concept cars offering alternative propulsion system such as the hybrid electric, fully electric, and fuel cell based powertrains (Also known as “Powerplant”. The terminology refers to a set of interacting devices or elements associated with generating power and delivering it to the surface on which the vehicle or object propels.) The Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid developed by the company is the world’s first mass produced automotive hybrid which uses a lithium ion battery, in addition to the F-Cell which is a hydrogen based fuel cell electric vehicle. The company manufactures a wide range of cars, vehicles, and heavy commercial equipment in several manufacturing units located in countries around the world. The Mercedes-Benz nameplate has become an icon the world over and is associated with trust, reliability, and class. Cars manufactured by the company are so popular that Mercedes-Benz spare-parts are in great demand and available all over the world.

The Mercedes-Benz range encompasses a wide range of motorized vehicles ranging from small sized front-wheel-driven hatchbacks to coupes, SUVs and MPVs. Some of the popular models are Benz Patent Motorwagen, Benz Velo, Mercedes Benz 170V, 130, 150, 170H, 190SL, 200, 230, 260D, 290, 300D, 300SL, 320, 370S, 380K, 500K, 540K, 600, and 770. The company also manufactures buses for Europe and Asia in addition to a range of vans.

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