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About Maybach Cars

The first Maybach car was built more than hundred years ago. It not only ushered in the modern era, but also successfully redefined the word opulence. The Maybach car is an ultra-luxury car that stands out for its exclusivity. The Maybach car proves why the Germans are valued for their expertise and excellence in designing and developing world class cars. This symbol of German finesse in car making has been lovingly patronised by some of the world's wealthiest and glamorous people in the past.

The first Maybach car was built in 1919 as an experimental car. Subsequent Maybach cars produced between 1921 and 1940 became famous for their extravagance. They are now considered class cars. Maybach car production stopped for some years after the wars, but was successfully revived by Mercedes in the 1990s. The Maybach brand in its new avatar is made up of ultra luxury sedan cars.

The Maybach car models include the 57,62, and Landaulet series. In the Maybach 57 and Maybach 62 models the numbers denote the length of the automobile in decimetres. All the three are luxury concept cars known for their stylish design, comfort, engine efficiency, safety, and entertainment features. All the models stand testimony to innovativeness of Germans in luxury automobile technology. Some of the features that need special mention are  rear electronic parking aid and crash sensors.

Maybach cars strictly adhere to safety standards and have antilock brake system, multiple airbags, electronic traction control, and immobilizer. Bluetooth, voice-activated telephone service, GPS, and Dolby surround sound ensure that the Maybach cars are high on the communication and entertainment quotient. In addition the cars come with intelligent cruise control, exterior temperature gauge, and engine start and stop button. Maybach cars have become a symbol of status, glamour and flamboyant lifestyle.

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