About Mitsubishi Cars

The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a well known multinational automobile manufacturer having its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo. It is a part of the biggest Japanese industrial group “Mitsubishi keiretsu” and was formed from the automotive division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Mitsubishi is one of the pioneers of the mass production of Japanese passenger cars. The company believes in improving the safety as well as the environmental features of its manufactured products through technological innovation without sacrificing any of its functionality or its convenience. The All Wheel Control (AWC) developed by Mitsubishi is a specially designed four wheel drive system technology that brings out the best performance from all the four tires of the car which helps the driver to accelerate dynamically without losing contact with the road. The company is also well known for developing innovative vehicles like the iMiEV which is an electric mini car powered by lithium-ion battery pack. Mitsubishi is committed to manufacture cars which offer a unique combination of performance, design, and durability and which are fun to drive.

Mitsubishi has a wide range of vehicles consisting of wagons like Chariot, Lancer Wagon, Magna Wagon, Diamante Wagon, Legnum, Mirage Wagon, Lancer Cedia Wagon, Libero; coupe models such as Eclipse, GTO, Mirage Asti, FTO, Mirage, Starion; Hatchbacks like Colt, Mirage; SUVs such as Airtrek , Jeep, Pajero LO, Challenger, Pajero, Pajero Junior; the Strada pickup; Light RV likeBravo, Minica Toppo, Toppo Bj, Ek-Sport, Minicab, Town Box, Ek-Wagon, and Pajero Mini.

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