6 Important Tips to Drive Safely During Wintery Conditions

Posted On: January 06, 2016

Driving during winter can be hazardous. The icy roads, snow, sleet and reduced visibility make it tough to drive. Here are some tips to ensure you drive safely during these winter months.

Winter Tires

The moment winter begins it is time to change your tires. Use winter tires, as they grip the slippery icy roads better and tend to offer more traction in wet conditions. In case you can’t afford winter tires, make sure your standard vehicle tires are inflated to the correct pressure and have a minim of 3mm tread to handle the wet, icy road conditions.

Keep Windows and Windscreen Clean

Before you drive off, clear all the piled up snow from your vehicle’s windscreen and windows. Never use water to get rid of the ice from your windscreen. It will freeze in the cold. Instead use three parts vinegar to one part water to form a natural de-icing solution to get your windscreen and windows ice- and snow-free.


Before you head out, always check your gas. It should be full tank. If you get held up in a traffic jam, you’ll have sufficient fuel to keep the car engine going, so that you can use the heater to keep yourself warm. At the same time, make sure the exhaust doesn’t get clogged with snow so that poisonous fumes don’t make their way into your vehicle.

Never Speed

Whether it’s snowing or not, don’t be tempted to drive fast to get out of the cold and reach your destination quickly. You can skid out of control. Drive at medium speed – not too fast or too slow; and also try to brake and accelerate smoothly.

Distance Between Vehicles

Keep in mind that during wintery conditions, it takes for your vehicle to react when you brake. So adjust the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you accordingly.

Use Weather App

Remember to keep a constant tab on your weather app so that you can plan your drive accordingly.

This article was originally published on CarCluster Blog.

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